The services of an interior designer

How to avoid being disappointed with the project outcome?

Your project will be overseen from beginning to end by an interior architect and master of building renovation.

Picture this:
You have recently engaged the services of an architect and were absolutely delighted with the end result. The apartment of your dreams is now all yours!
The blend of style and taste  excites your senses, and you can already picture yourself relaxing in your revamped apartment.

And then, disaster strikes!

The company responsible for project implementation does not remain true to the interior architect’s fundamental design concepts. Your magnificent apartment is not at all what it seems, in fact, it’s nothing but rubbish, and you’re annoyed at yourself for having invested some much time in it.

All of this could have been avoided. But how exactly?

The only way to be certain that the end result remains as faithful as possible to the architect’s design is if the designer himself, in his capacity as a prime contractor, oversees the work in collaboration with project teams that he has previously worked with and managed, to provide an answer to the inevitable value equation of:

Loyalty + Price + Timeframe + Quality

This method of working means there is a single point of contact who embodies the commitments of the company as a whole.

Benny Benlolo - The services of an interior designerBenny Benlolo - The services of an interior designer
Benny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designerBenny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designer

01 Interior Design Practice

The interior architecture practice is the creative hub and the headquarters of project management. Benny Benlolo manages the studio within which the various different project stages are set out and coordinated. The practice has a design studio, which is the starting point for the whole process and where the interior architect prepares a scope of work that is later structured and digitised by two assistants. The studio boasts an extensive library of manufacturers and distributors catalogues and brochures, essential research material for the specification of high quality products.

The studio is meeting space for Benny Benlolo, his clients and partners, and the driving force behind the synergy between individual elements and actions. It has an important role to play in the faithful implementation and development of design concepts.

02 Building renovation general contractor

Benlolo Architectes Designers is in charge of project steering. The practice leads and manages various different teams of craftsmen from the following trades: masonry, electrics, plumbing, carpentry, painting and decorating, glazing, locksmithing etc. Benny Benlolo organises and coordinates the business activities of each of the trades with the help of a retro planning schedule and the scope of work. Because he is the single point of client contact, he is able to ensure that ideas are perfectly executed and timeframes and budgets met. This commitment is reinforced by the rest of the practice who, during the course of the project, are responsible for issuing revised drawings and plans – tools guaranteed to ensure the design concept is faithfully executed and in line with client expectations

Building expertise gained working alongside his father, and from his design projects, lends Benny Benlolo’s practice the title of prime contractor. A project’s success stems from a blend of artistic vision and technical and production capabilities.

Benny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designerBenny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designer
Benny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designerBenny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designer

03 Scope of work for a private client

The scope of work is derived from an analysis of the existing scheme and the owner’s requirements, carried out during the appraisal stage. It is a comprehensive specification document with facts and figures about work relating to the planned scheme. Depending on the nature of the project, the document may outline various options, giving clients the opportunity to explore various different design concepts.

The scope of work has several components: on-site measurements, identification of technical requirements, diagrammatic plan of existing scheme with water supply and drainage positions, floor plans (several versions: 5/6/9 as applicable), floor and wall coverings specification, electrical plans (electrical supply and lighting distribution), water distribution and plumbing diagrams, kitchen plans and elevations, general and specific cross sections, furniture layouts, 3D sketches, freehand perspectives, mood boards for selected items, sample boards, a detailed price proposal and cost breakdown with product images and quantities, a breakdown of labour costs, a cost estimate for bespoke furniture, and computer generated images (CGI) depending on project type and allocated budget. The scope of work is shared with clients in both print and electronic format, and is the fundamental basis for the project implementation stage, determining the activities involved.

04 Scope of work for a commercial project

The scope of work for a commercial scheme differs in a number of ways from the private client version. Depending on project characteristics and client requirements, certain elements may or may not be included in the specification document. In cases where the choice of project site has not yet been made, on-site measurements cannot be taken, nor any plans made of the existing scheme. Where the project calls for the creation of a visual identity, owing to his considerable knowledge and experience of graphic design, Benny Benlolo is able to supply a branding proposal complete with logotypes, fonts, colour coding etc.

The commercial architecture scope of work generally involves freehand sketching by Benny Benlolo, research into design styles, rendered elevations such as façade plans, detail drawings, joinery drawings, interior decoration schemes and commercial zoning. For certain projects, the specification document might also contain authorisation documentation for submission to the town hall and, where appropriate, the Highways Division.
Clients receive a copy of the scope of work in both print and electronic format.

Benny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designerBenny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designer
Benny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designerBenny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designer

05 Project implementation and coordination for private clients

During the project implementation stage, Benlolo Architectes Designers works in partnership with sub-contractors from a variety of different trades: structural building trades (demolition and masonry), decorating, plumbing and GDF-certified gas central heating, Consuel certified electricity, glazing (bespoke windows), locksmithing, shutters and blinds. A sister AAA-rated joinery and carpentry company, founded by Benny Benlolo that produces bespoke cabinetry and furniture, and provides kitchen and parquet installation services etc.

Benlolo Architectes Designers works with a variety of different trades on a regular basis – its substantial business address book is a testament to its competitive business approach and ability to obtain high quality services at the best prices. Benny Benlolo’s working relationships with his sub-contractors go back many years. At the core of these relationships lies effective communication, mutual understanding and trust, all of which help contribute to increased efficiency. Completed projects remain faithful to pre-established concept designs, timeframe and budgets.

The provision of materials and products specified is made possible through pre-existing relationships with a large number of suppliers:
Benlolo Architectes Designers purchases brassware and sanitary ware from multi-brand distributors, from mid-range to high-end brands, such as David B and Home & Bath Design Paris. These working partnerships facilitate highly effective product sourcing, which is essential to projects with original and unique schemes.

Marble and stone is sourced from France, Italy and Portugal and produced by SIB, Eberhardt and Antique Colonial in particular. Benny Benlolo personally visits his partner factories in order to select quality products.

He acquires mosaic tiles and flooring from producers such as Porcelanosa and Sicis. By working closely with these suppliers, he is able to obtain the best quality materials at competitive prices, within the required lead time. Parquet flooring is also selected directly from suppliers such as Admonter and Ivassalletti.
Mid-range carpeting is sourced from Rols, high-end from Tai Ping and patterned carpet from Codimat.

Woodwork, ornamentation/s and mouldings are crafted in the traditional way by the Michelet establishment, the last French woodturning craftsman, based in Paris.

Benny Benlolo acquires lighting and contemporary light fixtures and fittings from multi-brand distributors such as DEC that offer a vast array of on-trend products. Classical and high-end items/elements are obtained directly from brands like Barovier and Baccarat.
Similarly, he works with brands like Le Lièvre and Dedar Milano who supply wallpaper and fabrics.

Paint is sourced from high-end distributors such as Flamand and Tollens.
Classic and contemporary doors (hinged and sliding) come from Rimadesio and Gosimat. Benny Benlolo’s team of carpenters and joiners are responsible for bespoke projects.

Wood panelling and veneers are sourced directly from manufacturers Oberflex, Polyrey and Marotte.

Decorative fibrous plaster components are purchased from Auberlret & Laurent.
Ironmongery comes from various manufacturers: contemporary products are branded LMC, traditional mid-range products are by Houles and high-end traditional pieces are crafted by the Rémy Garnier workshop.
Italian manufacturers and designers such as Atra Cucine and Zampieri supply kitchens.

Mid-range contemporary furniture is sourced from multi-brand distributors.
Designer furniture, from the classic to the contemporary, is sourced from
IPE Cavalli, Fendi and Knoll.

In its role as a prime contractor, Benlolo Architectes Designers acts as overall project manager and a single point of contact for clients. Payments for work done, which are staged according to the retro planning schedule, are made directly to the practice.

06 Project management in commercial architecture

In commercial architecture, project implementation follows on from the preparation of a project-specific scope of work. Successful project management requires a comprehensive and detailed specification, full integration of the design concept and project plans, and a list of materials specified for the interior and exterior. The first step in this stage of the project is to request tenders from the appropriate trades. Benlolo Architectes Designers only approaches companies it is accustomed to working with – guaranteed standards of service that help ensure client expectations are fully met. These companies together provide all the services required for full project implementation.

A specialist glazier undertakes the production of glass items such as windows, picture windows and glass staircases.

Companies using the latest back lighting and spot light technology design signage.
Commercial blinds are made by SCVF, experts in window blinds and awnings of the highest quality. Benlolo Architectes Designers works in partnership with a number of carpenter and cabinetmakers for example, Alca Ébénisterie or with its AAA-rated sister company. Together, they design custom-made shelving, countertops and decorative pieces etc.

Selected for the quality of their work at affordable prices, fibrous plastering companies supply and install suspended ceiling finishes. During structural work stages, demolition and masonry construction, Benlolo Architectes Designers retains the services of construction companies with whom they have worked over a period of several years.

Electricity service providers meet Consuel regulatory standards.
Plumbing requirements are met by two kinds of companies: those who are specialised in commercial kitchen installations and those who are experts in installing sanitary systems, in line with French regulatory standards relating to public spaces. Painting and decorating firms are selected based on each client’s individual needs.

Companies that meet French standards produce tiled and marble flooring.
Air conditioning suppliers are typically locally based for greater efficiency.
Vauzelles and SIF stock a wide selection of furniture suitable for commercial interiors, some items of which can be semi-customised. Due to this multitude of options available to Benlolo Architectes Designers, the practice is able to meet varying client needs.

The practice also works in partnership with master upholsterers on high-end projects for example, Âme 2tapisser. Benny Benlolo designs furniture which he then has produced according to traditional methods. And depending on the artistic context, he might even have antique furniture revamped.

Benlolo Architectes Designers collaborates with artisan painters and mosaicists on highly individual projects with high-end specifications.
Specialist companies make lighting.

A project may be implemented in two separate ways.
Option 1:
Benlolo Architectes Designers acts as a prime contractor and overall project manager, as well as budget manager.
Option 2:
Benlolo Architectes Designers assumes the role of project coordinator.

They receive 10% to 20% of the total project value, the higher the project value the lower the percentage.

Benny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designerBenny Benlolo - Benny Benlolo - interior designer