The role of the building contractor

Building contractor to ensure quality

Whatever the nature of the construction project, the qualification of building contractor (MOE) is strongly recommended to ensure the quality of the work carried out.

The role of the building project manager is determined by article 1 of decree n°93-1268 of November 29, 1993. As part of an architectural project, he comes into play from the design and meticulously plans the work, as well as the interventions of the various service providers essential to the performance of the specific tasks.

He must also direct the construction or renovation work to ensure that all the details indicated in the plan are taken into account. The quality of the finishes and all the work carried out is also the responsibility of the project manager.

This professional is required to offer a reliable technical solution and management expertise so that the construction or renovation takes place in the best conditions.

1.   Benny Benlolo qualified in building contractor

Benlolo Architectes Designers is managing all the work. She directs and masters various teams of craftsmen of all trades: masonry, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, painting, glazing, locksmithing, etc. Benny Benlolo organizes, coordinates the activities of each, using the retro planning and the study file.

Sole interlocutor of his clients, he guarantees the perfect execution of the ideas, the respect of the deadline and the budget. A promise supported by the interior design firm, which delivers corrective plans during construction – the tools for creation that meets the expectations of its customers.

The knowledge of building, the experience acquired alongside his father, then over the course of his projects, give Benny Benlolo’s company this quality of project manager. A successful project results from both an artistic conception and a technical production capacity.

2.   Building contractor for a high-end renovation

Specialized in luxury, the interior designer in Paris Benny Benlolo will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. He uses his skills as a building contractor and his expertise in high-end construction. Its know-how and mastery of construction and renovation techniques enable it to offer comprehensive services for the most daring projects.

Benny Benlolo ensures the success of renovation projects for Haussmann apartments, houses or hotels. He ensures compliance with the specifications specific to high-end properties. It also ensures that energy performance standards are respected despite the age of certain assets.

Benny Benlolo also presents a selection of luxury furniture to complete the work carried out and finalize the high-end achievements with interior decoration designed in detail.

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