Selection of High-end Furniture

A selection of unique contemporary furniture, very high-end.
Italian furnishings with clean lines, with art deco connotations.
For exuberant and elegant interiors, skilful dosage.
Antique style set, the favorite selection of Benny Benlolo, with the most refined finishes for luxury interiors.
Set of very natural and original furniture, of high quality.
Luxury furniture of old style, association of different French epoch very high-end.
Set of sleek and zen furniture.
To the singular personalities, very original selections very high end.
Parts chosen by Benny Benlolo, from the original design to the sophisticated modern style.
Functional and comfortable creations, designated according to interior architectures.
An art deco timeless furniture.
Exclusive lines and custom furniture, designed by Benny Benlolo.