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Interior design

Interior design is a profession that requires an excellent knowledge of decoration styles, materials and the specificity of structures.

Thanks to a solid family experience and an artistic sense developed during his apprenticeship at the ESAG Atelier Met school in Penninghen, Benny Benlolo offers for each development project, a coherent and original layout, in the image of the style desired by the client for the renovation of his luxury apartment or house in Paris (art deco style, Haussmann style, etc.)

Also a painter, Benny Benlolo uses his passion for art to present his clients with atypical and artistic design ideas.

Colors, shapes, space and light are associated with meticulousness and consistency. Each element must coexist within a unique and harmonious environment.

1.   Layout and decoration for prestigious houses and apartments

Benlolo Architectes Designers is an interior design agency that realizes the most sophisticated projects.

Whether it is a complete makeover or the selection of furniture, a study is carried out to optimize the living spaces, respecting the expectations of the client and according to the artistic vision of the decorator architect. The new style of your apartment, your house or your hotel, is built down to the smallest detail, to give life to a personalized environment, reflecting the most demanding requirements.

Interior designer in Paris and decorator, Benny Benlolo also presents a selection of high-end and original furniture, made from precious materials. The creations are chosen for their specificities and refinement. They will dress every room of the living space: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

2.   Your interior design alongside a professional

The intervention of an interior designer for your layout makes it possible to really optimize the living spaces, then to harmonize the shapes and colors of the structures and furniture.

New elements such as made-to-measure dressing rooms or built-in furniture will be offered to create an interior that is at once bright, functional and aesthetic.

The expertise of a professional is essential for the successful transformation of a place of life or a space dedicated to work. The objective: to find the perfect balance between the expectations of the owner, the technical constraints and the artistic vision of the interior designer.

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