Interior design agency in Paris

Interior Design: History of the agency

History of the agency

Benlolo Architectes Designers is the culmination of years of relentless determination and knowledge maturation. Its projects and contacts acquired over the years are what makes this interior design agency, conceived by Benny Benlolo, so distinctive.
Interior Design: Geographical location

Geographical location

Fascinated with the architecture of his hometown, Benny Benlolo chose to set up practice right in the heart of Paris. The Haussmann landscape of the 8th arrondissement provides the backdrop for the company’s offices.
Interior Design: A meeting point

A meeting point

Within this agency, the Benlolo Archiectes Designers’ team meets with clients. They come together, by appointment, to discuss projects and modify them so that they meet pre-defined objectives.
Interior Design: The design studio

The design studio

The design studio, which incorporates an extensive library of resources, can be found within the Paris practice. From project conception to completion, this is where scope of work is drafted.
Interior Design: Business and financial management

Business and financial management

Budgets allocated to projects, in addition to the administrative and financial operations of Benlolo Architectes Designers, are managed within the agency itself. A properly managed business is fully accountable for its actions and will stand the test of time.
Interior Design: A creative space

A creative space

Benny Benlolo’s private office can be found within the agency. It is a place of invention and unbounded inspiration, as well as a place for self-expression where he is able to design, draw and think freely.

Creations breathe a new destiny into Haussmann’s soul, characterized by a rejuvenated essence, against the heritage architectural executioner of Paris. The renovation of a Haussmann building is a precise and delicate act. It consists about renovating but also respecting those prestigious architectural backgrounds: creating a new life from such history, and innovating to emphasize its roots. This exercise constitutes the role of a renovation expert of the Haussmanian Style.

Its nudity and complacence are calling for radiance and distinction. Forgotten in the austerity, thus hypnotizing its audience with its colors and singularity. Geometric forms, and a graphic aesthetic made the modern design unique. Its purity differentiate it from the others. When surrounded by the old abundance, wealth, affluent and sometimes suffocating, simplicity is a distinctive sign.

The scope, increased by an artistic interpretation, characterizing the antique and contemporary styles. From her infinite richness, she’s showing the way to creative thinking. She contains birth, passion and the energy of every movement through the past centuries. Behind each personality is a genius, and each genius has its own way of expression. The contemporary interior design is applied in the continuity of this evolution.

To the discovery of colors and materials, imaginary, fill in with many aesthetic possibilities, constantly created in abundance. On those memories, years by years, the creation process believe to be innovative. Innovation is nothing without the celebration of the past. Our five senses are evolving to reproduce. This pure creation within its environment is nothing else than the creation of its own environment.

Our Strengths

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Located at 30 rue de Saint Pétersbourg 75008 Paris in an open courtyard, the agency welcomes clients by appointment only.

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The Benlolo Architectes Designers team is available from Monday to Friday on +33177105753 seven days a week, by email or direct line.

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Projects may be modified even when work is already underway.

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The company recognises the importance of effective management of administrative and financial departments, and client files.


The agency is divided into four service areas, with separate functions:

  1. Design studio
  2. Administrative office
  3. Creative space
  4. Project management office

Within the design studio, scope of work documents are prepared for private and commercial clients.

The administrative office oversees all the fiscal and financial management of the company, as well as business negotiations, business transactions and deliveries.

The project management office brings together design, the planning and coordination of activities, sub-contractor management and material coordination. It is also responsible for managing deadlines and arranging client meetings.

The creative space is a place for researching potential partnerships via the library, freehand drawing, concept design, commercial concept generation and furniture design.

1. Offices Homes

2. Financial management

3. Interior design concept

4. Coordinating sub-contractors

Interior Design Benny Benlolo Director

Benny Benlolo


A graduate of ESAG Penninghen (1999), Benny specialises in interior architecture and graphic design.

He has a strong background in visual creation (Publicis, Canal +) and gained further experience during the four years spent with the Loubens company before assuming his role as Benny Benlolo, architectural designer.

Interior Design James Benlolo Funder

James Benlolo


He has been the founder of this large family business since 1977.

His extensive experience in the building industry and his great artistic practice have enabled him to acquire valuable technical expertise to enable each of Benlolo Architecte Designer’s artistic creations to be realized. He was in charge of securing and controlling the coordination of the work.

He left his son Benny Benlolo with his intellectual baggage as a result of the experience of a lifetime.

Interior Design Jimmy Benlolo Purchase Director

Jimmy Benlolo

Purchase Director

As a brother of Benny Benlolo, with his commercial experience in the world of luxury decoration, Benlolo Architectes Designers is constantly developing among the best manufacturers and designers. It allows to give a new breath to each realization.


Interior Design Jeremy Prudhon Interior Designer

Jeremy Prudhon

Interior Designer

Holder of a master’s degree in interior design, professionally trained since the beginning of his career by Benny Benlolo, he is the vector allowing the creations to materialize and become studies in interior architecture.