Interior designer agency in Paris


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    Located at 49, rue de Verneuil 75007 Paris in an open courtyard, the agency welcomes clients by appointment only.


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    The Benlolo Architectes Designers team is available from Monday to Friday on +33177105753 seven days a week, by email or direct line.

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    Projects may be modified even when work is already underway.

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    The company recognises the importance of effective management of administrative and financial departments, and client files.


The agency is divided into four service areas, with separate functions:

The study and creation office
– Business concept
– Production of virtual images
The administrative office
– Financial and commercial management
– Customer accounting, subcontractor & supplier accounting
– Communication and administration department
The furniture store
– Studies, interior decoration and interior designer
– Mastery of the partnership with the manufacturers
– Exclusive catalog
– Exceptional and tailor-made furniture
The project management office
– Construction management
– Written reports and videos
– Schedule and Agenda
– Execution quality control
– Mastery from design to production
– Artistic direction

Within the design studio, scope of work documents are prepared for private and commercial clients.

The administrative office oversees all the fiscal and financial management of the company, as well as business negotiations, business transactions and deliveries.

The project management office brings together design, the planning and coordination of activities, sub-contractor management and material coordination. It is also responsible for managing deadlines and arranging client meetings.

The creative space is a place for researching potential partnerships via the library, freehand drawing, concept design, commercial concept generation and furniture design.


Professional interior design partners

The Benlolo Architectes Designers company certifies all of these directives by its quality of Project Manager. Legally responsible for its achievements, the interior design firm guarantees the management of any non-conformities, as well as a ten-year insurance. In addition to this legal guarantee, the renovated properties are symbols of the Benlolo Architectes Designers identity. In order to keep his creations as they are, Benny Benlolo delivers a post-execution follow-up. The work of an interior designer is not reduced to the production of his projects, but extends indefinitely.

  • Benny Benlolo interior designer partner of: Chêne de l'Est
  • Benny Benlolo interior designer partner of: Auberlet et Laurent
  • Benny Benlolo interior designer partner of: Vauzelle
  • Benny Benlolo interior designer partner of: IPE Cavalli
  • Benny Benlolo interior designer partner of: Latorre

Benny Benlolo


A graduate of ESAG Penninghen (1999), Benny specialises in interior architecture and graphic design.
He has a strong background in visual creation (Publicis, Canal +) and gained further experience during the four years spent with the Loubens company before assuming his role as Benny Benlolo, architectural designer.

James Benlolo


He has been the founder of this large family business since 1977.
His extensive experience in the building industry and his great artistic practice have enabled him to acquire valuable technical expertise to enable each of Benlolo Architecte Designer’s artistic creations to be realized. He was in charge of securing and controlling the coordination of the work.
He left his son Benny Benlolo with his intellectual baggage as a result of the experience of a lifetime.

Jimmy Benlolo

Purchase Director

As a brother of Benny Benlolo, with his commercial experience in the world of luxury decoration, Benlolo Architectes Designers is constantly developing among the best manufacturers and designers. It allows to give a new breath to each realization.

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