The renovation of a Haussmann apartment

Technical mastery for a specific style

The renovation of a Haussmann apartment requires an excellent mastery of architectural techniques relating to the specific style of the city of Paris. Benny Benlolo, passionate about the history and architecture of the capital and also his hometown, offers personalized services for the work of your Parisian interior.

The firm specializes in the renovation of Haussmann spaces, offering its clients the possibility of revisiting the classic universe by sublimating the initial charm of the apartment.

Each Haussmannian renovation project is unique and deserves special attention: volumes, moldings, original materials are studied and redesigned to give the living space a rich and coherent style.

The Benlolo Architecte Designer firm has all the technical and artistic knowledge necessary to carry out the renovation of a Haussmann apartment taking into account the structural constraints and the innovations desired for the style.

1.   Haussmann apartment renovation, tailor-made support

The renovation of a Haussmann apartment consists in giving a second life to the different rooms such as the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, taking into account the wishes of the client according to adapted artistic techniques.

The intervention of a specialized professional is strongly recommended in order to best optimize the living space and highlight its architectural elements. Elements and structures can be created in order to make the apartment brighter and more functional and comfortable.

Haussmannian architecture and interior design are among the specialties of Benny Benlolo interior designer in Paris: detailed plans are presented for validation before the start of work. Some elements of the initial interior are kept if they harmonize with the style chosen for the new achievements. Depending on the aspects of the place and the project, the renovation can concern the floor, the walls, the structures and the layout.

2.   Understand the initial good to sublimate it

Before starting a project, Benny Benlolo carefully assesses the feasibility of each proposal. The characteristics of the old style must not be altered at the risk of distorting the natural cachet of the Haussmann style.

Benlolo Architecte Designer, the architectural firm located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, welcomes you by appointment to define the aspects of the renovation project. Tailor-made services make it possible to respond meticulously to the requests of the most demanding customers. Benny Benlolo also offers a selection of high-end furniture to complete the renovation of the Haussmann interior.

From neo-classical design to modern style, including art deco, the firm supports clients in the realization of unique and sophisticated projects where each room of the apartment is redesigned down to the smallest detail.

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Specialist in the renovation of Haussmann apartments in Paris, the Benny Benlolo agency takes into consideration all the specific architectural and technical constraints to offer you a detailed estimate of the cost of your project.


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