Interior decorator in Paris, a tailor-made service

Interior identity creation

The interior decoration and the specificity of a living space contribute to the creation of an atmosphere, in the image of the desired style. The intervention of an interior decorator makes it possible to revisit classic concepts and give life to unique and harmonious projects. Taking into account the expectations and ideas of each client, but also according to the characteristics of the place, Benny Benlolo conceives the decoration as the identity of an interior.

The interior decorator is an expert when he has skills in interior architecture: he organizes the available space, creates new ergonomic structures and redefines the style of each room according to the general atmosphere. As part of an apartment makeover, detailed plans are made in accordance with the client’s needs.

1.   A personalized decor, with the help of a professional

The Benny Benlolo agency tends to sublimate living spaces taking into account the scalability and sustainability of the project. Whatever the desired style, the interior decoration must be original, refined and must stand out for its timeless character.

His time at the ESAG Atelier Met school in Penninghen, allowed Benny Benlolo, interior designer located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, to distinguish himself in the world of decoration by his artistic approach and attention to detail.

He carries out a meticulous study in order to evaluate the feasibility of the projects and to determine the various materials essential to give life to your space planning ideas. Driven by particular skills in neo-classical and Haussmannian design, the many projects he has undertaken in recent years reveal the quality and prestige of his achievements.

2.   Combine style and comfort with an interior designer

For each project, we take the time to assess the needs and study the ideas of each client in order to develop a unique project, which will faithfully respond to each request.

The placement of certain elements must make the space both functional and aesthetic. Decorator and interior designer, Benny Benlolo and his team work on the design of places where design corresponds to well-being.

The atmosphere and the desired aesthetic features are always respected by the interior designer. Depending on your needs, the layout of your apartment, house or hotel is complemented by a selection of luxury furniture, limited series or made-to-measure creations.

Other interior design services

Interior decoration quote

Without obligation on your part, we provide you with an online quote request. Thus, our interior designers will be able to predefine with you your future needs in terms of interior decoration, renovation or layout.

High-end furniture

The Benny Benlolo interior design agency will carefully study all your desires, to better guide you in the choice of high-end, quality and original furniture, in accordance with your project.