Process & achievement steps by the Interior Designer

Several steps are required to carry out a renovation or interior design project. Processes essential to the proper implementation of a complete, neat and in tune with the creative ideas.


The first stage of a project is a meeting between Benny Benlolo and his prospective clients either on site, or at his design practice if the property isn’t accessible. During this meeting, which is free of charge, the interior architect carries out an appraisal of the existing scheme and makes initial recommendations. If client requirements are aligned with Benny Benlolo’s ideas for the scheme, he then submits a business proposal, which takes the form of a scope of work.

Scope of work

Following on from the appraisal is the second project stage. In order to initiate the drafting of the scope of work, a corresponding price proposal needs to be requested by the client (Prices page). The scope of work takes between one and two months to prepare and is drawn up based on discussions between Benny Benlolo and the property owners. To find out more about the content of the scope of work, please visit the Services page.

Schedule of work

Once the scope of work is complete, the interior architect prepares a schedule of work that corresponds to the scope of work. The price proposal is divided into two parts, the first of which covers the products specified and the second, the labour required. A retro planning schedule is accompanied by detailed descriptions with costings that are in line with pre-established budgets and timeframes. Benlolo Architectes Designers in its capacity as a prime contractor acts as overall project manager for the entire duration of the project.

Project implementation

The final stage is project implementation. SAS Benlolo has overall responsibility for the project. All work is carried out in partnership with sub-contractors such as craftsman and construction companies, as well as manufacturers and distributors. Having built strong working relationships with these various parties, the Benlolo practice is committed to delivering a result that is fully aligned with client expectations, and meets pre-established budgets and timeframes.

Sustom services

Benny Benlolo interior design agency offers you a full range of services in layout, project management, makeover, decoration of your renovation project.

Budget approac

For a detailed budget approach taking into account all the architectural and technical constraints, consult our preliminary project proposals and work completion stages.

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