Apartment makeover: design your environment

The apartment makeover

The apartment makeover gives a second wind to living spaces such as the master bedroom, the child’s bedroom, the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen. The work consists in reviewing the colors, the textures of the walls, the floor and the ceiling in order to create new atmospheres according to the style desired by the owner.

Benny Benlolo, interior designer in Paris, puts his experience and expertise to the benefit of individuals or professionals who wish to redefine the interior of their property through the design of the future interior decoration. His technical and artistic knowledge allows him to rethink the universe of each piece within a harmonious whole.

Benny and his team determine the associations that will enhance the property, using appointments with the client and on the premises. A study is made to measure, in response to the defined specifications. A selection of luxury furniture and works of art are also presented, in keeping with the design thought out for the project.

1.   A high-end service

Located in Paris in the 7th arrondissement, the company Architectes Designers specializes in prestigious achievements and Haussmann apartments. Benny and his team use their mastery of Parisian architecture and interior design techniques to meet the most demanding requirements. They also offer luxurious and remarkable amenities in terms of functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

The apartment makeover proposals meet different criteria: aesthetics, comfort, functionality and quality of materials. Depending on the client’s expectations, a selection of top-of-the-range furniture completes the proposal for a successful and coherent achievement. Benny Benlolo accompanies his clients in the design of evolving and timeless decoration styles taking into account the constraints and the budget planned for the renovation project. The final objective: to achieve a makeover that will sublimate the apartment.

2.   Apartment makeover: revaluing the Haussmann style

Benlolo Architecte Designer offers expertise in the Haussmann universe. Passionate about classical Parisian architecture, Benny responds to the characteristic requirements of the typical interiors of the capital. The apartment makeover allows old living spaces to be reborn through innovative design and assertive style.

Benlolo Architectes Designers is an agency specializing in high-end interior design. Design your project without distorting the initial cachet of your apartment. Art deco, neo-classical or modern style, think about your interior living space in detail thanks to the support of Benny and his team. Established at 49 rue de Verneuil in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the firm welcomes you by appointment.

Other interior design services

High-end achievements

Come and discover our high-end interior renovation projects. The teams of interior designers of the Benny Benlolo agency are specialized in luxury and tailor-made interior design services.

Luxury Interior & Furniture

Our agency is located in the heart of Paris. It consists of a design office and a luxury furniture shop to facilitate your selection of high-end fittings.