Budget estimate for carrying out the work

Any interior design project begins with an estimate of its cost, its deadlines and its artistic harmony. For the realization of the work, two solutions are proposed, the agency of interior designers Benny Benlolo engages a project management and its artistic direction, or, it becomes a general contractor and brings together, as sole undertaking, all work granted.

First draft

Our interior design agency draws up primary specifications to estimate the cost, deadline and artistic direction of this architectural achievement. The objective is to define a main and complete guideline for the interior design project.


Define a spatial composition
Establish a provisional cost
Consider an estimated time frame
Create an artistic harmony
Constitute an identity
Establish primary specifications for each trade
Establish a shopping list and an estimate of finishing products
Highlight trades and types of suppliers
Consider architectural and technical constraints
Give the main guideline of the project
Set time and budget goals

File contents

On-site measurements
Location of technical points
Table of projected construction costs
Existing computer plans with identification of water points and evacuations
Development project plans including different compositions of space
Plans and sections of ceilings, false ceiling in line with the selected project
Precise localized plans and sections of the bathrooms highlighting the selected coverings, the positioning of the taps, sanitary ware and lighting
Plan of the electrical layout including the different power supplies and the position of the general switchboard
Detailed plans and sections of custom closets / dressing rooms
Photo boards located by room of the selected products
Furniture and lighting shopping list
Plans of the layouts of the theoretical furniture
Detailed description of the workforce for the shell and finishing work for the consultation of companies
Detailed and quantified description of the selected finishing products
Detailed description of made-to-measure storage for the consultation of craftsmen

Work completion solution

Our agency of interior designers offers solutions for better technical and artistic arbitration in order to guarantee the quality of the work and the control of the estimated budget.


Ensure consistency between the realization and the study
Continuously update the study and allow stakeholders to be informed and guided
Control the budget based on the estimated cost
Control the deadline
Control the quality of production
Allow the best technical and artistic arbitrations in situ
Ensure documentation
Have a smooth and enjoyable experience

2 possible solutions for carrying out work Either the interior design agency provides project management and guides the various project stakeholders. Either the agency becomes a general contractor and becomes the sole company in charge of carrying out the work.

1.  Solution prime contractor and artistic direction

The company BENLOLO ARCHITECTES DESIGNERS is engaged only as project manager and only provides an intellectual service

Final preliminary design studies
Authorizations: town planning, neighbours, co-ownership town planning, neighbours, co-ownership...
PCG - General Design Project Studies
Assistance in awarding works contracts
DCE - Business consultation file
MDT - Development of works contracts
DQD - Detailed Bill of Quantities
DET - Directorate for the Execution of Works Contracts
AOR – Assistance with receiving operations
DOE - Record of Works Executed
Assistance to the Client in the artistic choices
Search for products and update of the study according to the final choices
Follow-up of companies for the respect of the desired aesthetic aspect

2.  General contractor

The company BENLOLO ARCHITECTES DESIGNERS is engaged as the only company that brings together all of the work granted, the project management and the artistic direction.

All project management missions are included, even additional ones if necessary; they must therefore be repeated.
Financial management is provided by the company BENLOLO ARCHITECTES DESIGNERS
The responsibility for the quality and the good reception of the products is endorsed by the company BENLOLO ARCHITECTES DESIGNERS
Products whose price is standardized according to a public catalog have their quote indexed to it
The administrative management is carried out by the company
Stakeholder interface is fully supported
The amount of work sold is based on the estimated cost established in the study phase
After-sales service is provided by the company
The company's remuneration results from the profit margin on the products and services sold and from a project management amount.

The estimate for work outside the project management is comparable to an estimate from a general building company whose content and quality are equivalent. It is also possible to extract one or more items that the project owner would like to process according to the principle of a purely project management contract.

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