Interior Design, Reinterpreting The Haussmanian Style

Reinventing a place, is reinterpreting something timeless, to give it a different direction while respecting in a perfect harmony, its origins and roots. Expert architect in the Haussmanian Style, Benny Benlolo succeed to breathe new life into this prestigious restaurant, located on the Champs-Elysees.

  • To renovate a luxurious hotel and a high-range business, it is necessary to redesign the interior disposition, optimizing the spaces and allowing comfort. It is possible to give a modern style to this Haussmanian property, while preserving its moldings, fireplace and the wooden floor – rejuvenating and illuminating while respecting the structure and all the restrictions specific to this type of property.

    Project descriptions:

    An increased knowledge of architectural movements, and restrictions regarding each type of property and of its environment, are essential to blend styles and contrast with authenticity – the real harmony. Louis XXV’s design is inspired by the neoclassic imperial universe.
    The restaurant has an opulent and impressive look, a style desired by the owners. Empire columns, different golden rosette and tailor-made designs. A high-end arrangement, more classic, contrast and valorize the character or ornaments from the Empire universe.

  • Project details:

      Property type: Club Restaurant
      Area: 120 m²
      Style: Neo-classical Haussmann
      Study mission: 30.000 €
      Works budget: Prestige
      Year: 2012

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Steps & process

Steps & process

All of our interior design or renovation projects follow precise and specific steps. These processes are made to measure to guarantee the proper implementation of the execution of the work.

Steps & process