A Neoclassic Haussmanian Interior

The renovation of this Haussmanian apartment was about creating a unique universe, blending Classic and Contemporary Styles. Originally, this Parisian apartment had no style or harmonious aesthetic. Benny Benlolo, the interior designer conceived this unique property by associating originals and high-end materials.

The floor – initially irregular – has been completely renovated with a mix of high-end old grey wooden floor from Hungary and volcanic stones with a flame note. This combination offers an unusual and exceptional outcome. It was a matter of defining a singular and prestigious interior design for this apartment.

Expert of the Haussmanian style, Benny Benlolo has upgraded and sublimated the original style of the property. Both classy and graphic, the furniture imparts elegance and a strong spirit to each room. The renovation of this prestigious apartment results in associating colors and forms, both audacious and sophisticated.

The Parisian designer, Benny Benlolo, conceived multiple tailor-made embedded cupboards. Discretely integrated, they perfectly match with rooms interior. A large work has been achieved on reconfiguring the kitchen, rooms and bathroom.

All this work resulted in a sophisticated apartment with a pronounced charm.

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