Spatial Composition

The first step in the process is a study of volume, form and space, the morphological formation of an interior environment that will stimulate your senses while fulfilling your needs.

Colour Scheme

This brings an interior to life and creates the very essence of its identity by means of a subtle blend of tones designed to heighten your awareness.

Contrasting Materials

An interior designer manipulates materials in a way that brings them to life, juxtaposing them with creative flair to complement the space.

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Interior Design: The Ethical Weight of a Signature

The Ethical Weight of a Signature

An interior architect’s signature on a project is an assurance that it will be implemented in line with your expectations, and the drawing up of guidelines for the various project stages supports this final objective. The ethical weight that a signature carries helps ensure your wishes will be respected without compromising project execution and craftsmanship. Benny Benlolo designs architectural interiors with tremendous care and meticulous attention to detail. He and his clientele share common objectives such as a desire for a consistently high level of finish, a need for artistic coherency and unique interior design, and for the use of functional materials.

Interior Design: A Vocation Passed Down From Father To Son

A Vocation Passed Down From Father To Son

Benny Benlolo has what might be described as an inner calling. From a very young age, he showed a marked interest in art, and in Italian Renaissance painting in particular. Alongside his father, James Benlolo, interior architect and general contractor, his passion began to take shape. Around the age of 12, he became fascinated with interior architecture. His interest flourished and he went on to reproduce some of the finest monuments in Paris, the city he was born in and is devoted to. As a teenager, he chose to assist his father during school holidays. They worked together on a number of projects and Benny learned about the different steps involved in becoming an interior architect. From gaining an understanding of materials to allowing his creativity to take shape, he expanded his knowledge and experience.

Interior Design: Product of a Grande Ecole

Product of a Grande Ecole

Benny Benlolo chose the renowned ESAG Atelier Met de Penninghen for his undergraduate studies in Paris. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors Maurice Denis and Henri Matisse, among others, within the ancient Academy Julian in Paris, he grew in maturity. By connecting with his historical counterparts, he effectively transcended the straightforward process of learning and came to view those five years as a highly symbolic period in his life – the revelation of a predestined vocation. His passion for art and interior design grew into a commitment to excellence. He expanded his theoretical and practical knowledge under the teachings of personalities from the field of art. One of the brightest stars in his graduation year, he obtained his diploma in 1999.

Interior Design: Architectural Artistry

Architectural Artistry

Two skill sets are necessary if ideas are to be put into practice effectively; the ability to apply creative thinking to original concepts and to accurately execute them. Benny Benlolo approaches his work as an interior architect by giving his ideas free rein, and combining his knowledge of the built environment with his artistic know-how. He allows his creative spirit to flow freely and find form in his interiors. By the same token, he can turn a relatively simple renovation project into a work of art. Through a combination of imaginative capacity and technical ability, he is capable of transforming his clients’ properties into unique spaces.

Interior Design: From Conception To Reality

From Conception To Reality

An interior design project is a sum of the ideas that are set out earlier in the design process. Benny Benlolo puts forward concepts that he is capable of reliably delivering. When a project is first presented, a commitment is made to deliver a result that is fully in keeping with the original design concept. By turning imaginative ideas into concepts, designs are brought to life. An interior architect’s role is to complete every client project with great care and attention to detail, whether highly original or highly complex.

Interior Design: Coherence & Originality

Coherence & Originality

The success of a project is dependent on two key elements: coherence and originality. An interior architect needs to think of his designs in terms of this creative balance. Benny Benlolo creates spaces based on the fundamental relationship between these elements. In a sense, a property is a product, a harmonious ensemble of components brought together with the aim of achieving overall cohesion. He conceptualises his designs within this dynamic context and with a strong bias toward originality. Each interior has its own unique characteristics, where strength and harmony originate.

Interior Design: Timeframe, Budget & Quality

Timeframe, Budget & Quality

Benlolo Architectes Designers’ business activities are based upon three core areas of focus: timeframe, budget and quality. Transparency and guarantees are essential guiding principles in project development. An interior architect ensures that each project is both well organised and well planned, and is in line with pre-established budgets and timeframes. Each design is needs based and accompanied by a detailed price proposal and retro planning schedule.

Interior Design: Prime Contractor & Guarantees

Prime Contractor & Guarantees

Benlolo Architectes Designers acts as the prime contractor. This title constitutes a legal guarantee that is further strengthened by a ten-year insurance policy. The practice is legally responsible for project implementation, while at the same time meeting client expectations. In instances of non-compliance or damage incurred, the company will cover subsequent costs or redesign.

Interior Design: Post Project Support & Services

Post Project Support & Services

Once a project has reached completion, Benlolo Architectes Designers is committed to providing post project support that extends far beyond any legal obligations. The company’s designs belong to a portfolio of work that must necessarily reflect its corporate identity. As brand ambassadors, clients retain the company’s services to help maintain the condition of finished schemes. A project is not simply about implementation, but also reliable and responsive post project support.

An interior Architect in Paris

Benlolo Architectes Designers was born out of one man’s ambition – its founder, interior architect Benny Benlolo. Based in his hometown of Paris, he meets with clients at his practice in the 8th arrondissement.

An Interior Architecture Practice

In its capacity as a prime contractor, Benlolo Architectes Designers ensures adherence to project guidelines. Since the practice is legally responsible for its projects, it is committed to dealing with any potential non-compliance issues, and to having a ten-year insurance policy in place. In addition to this legal protection, renovated properties are a reflection of the Benlolo Architectes Designers brand. In order to preserve the high quality of his designs, Benny Benlolo provides post project support services. An interior architect’s work is greater than the sum of his individual projects, and as such reaches far beyond them.

An Interior Designer In Paris

Passionate about pictorial art and interior architecture from a very young age, he steered a course that was influenced by Purism. At the age of 12, he was fascinated by Parisian monuments, which he went on to reproduce in minute detail. His father, an interior architect and general contractor, supported his budding career. As a teenager, alongside his father, he learned about and followed the different steps involved in becoming an interior architect. Growing up in an artistic family that fostered the development of his abilities helped to enrich his experience. After being awarded his Baccalaureate, he joined the prestigious ESAG Atelier Met de Penninghen in Paris.

Those five years of higher education came to represent an affirmation of his vocation, for Benny Benlolo considers interior architecture to be his predestined career. Graduating in 1999 among the top academic achievers in his graduation year, he began his career within the family interior architecture business. Having completed a number of projects working alongside his father, he founded his own practice and set up office right in the heart of Paris. His creative approach is based upon a number of core areas of focus, which define Benny Benlolo’s signature style. His work as an interior architect demonstrates extraordinary attention to detail with an emphasis on

Creating architectural interiors that are both unique and well balanced in design. His artistic talents, combined with his knowledge of the built environment, allow him to deliver highly original projects with coherent designs. Such projects are entirely in keeping with the design concepts previously presented to his clients. Benny Benlolo is committed to putting project proposals faithfully into practice. These guaranteed standards of service help ensure that budgets and timeframes are met. Likewise, a detailed price proposal and cost breakdown are considered to be an essential basis for any future renovation.