A Place of Luxury and Exception

This apartment from an old building, located in the 16th district of Paris, is the result of a close collaboration between the interior designer Jonathan Loubens and Benny Benlolo, expert of the Haussmanian style. At the beginning, this place combined simple spaces, without style and decoration – a meaningless place.

For the renovation of this prestigious apartment, the goal has been to create a unique and luxurious interior design, revisiting the classic and baroque styles. The interior design spotlight the personalized decoration of its atypical furniture. The high-end arrangement has been designed and tailored to the owner’s needs.

Numerous elements as the bed frame and the wardrobe have been tailor-made designs, realized upon request from the owners. Furniture have been carefully chosen to bring life into a cosy apartment. Each aspect of this interior has been elaborated to emphasize the property’s affluence.

The design and arrangement of every room have been defined in every single details. From moldings to furniture, including radiators and fireplace, everything has been imagined and created to result in a singular apartment reflecting its owners – blending classicism, baroque, luxury and lust.

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